Seniors in Nursing Homes

Kristen Na
7 min readJan 16, 2021

A personal essay I wrote in college~

Even though elderly are put into nursing homes for quality care, I believe there are better ways to improve care for the elderly and for future residents. A nursing home is a type of residence for people who require help that their family members cannot help with, and it can also be a place where people go to after a surgery or for short term care or for long term care. Elderly are put into nursing homes for more quality or extra care and because they need more help in their everyday life. In this essay, I will be talking what a nursing home is and what a nursing home is like, US nursing homes vs Japanese nursing homes, where in the world elderly care is the best, what are quality care practices for elderly, how to improve quality care for residents in nursing homes, how to improve nursing homes and a resident’s perspective on nursing homes and how the nursing system in the US is flawed.

In a Youtube video called “What A Nursing Home is Like”, I learned about how the Japanese run their nursing home system quite differently than those here. The first major difference I noticed right away was the energy in the Japanese nursing home. Every morning, the employees start their day with an assembly to explain the daily activities. There is also everyday reflection as well on what the employees did and what they were not able to do. There is also morning inspection for the employees to check their hair, nails, name tag and uniform. The employees also tell each other to have a great day as they high five each other. Thus, the day officially begins. On a daily basis, all throughout Japan, an exercise routine is broadcast for the Japanese citizens. Japanese elderly exercise in a room watching the screen of the exercise broadcast. There is exercise for both elders sitting down on the wheelchair as well as for those standing up. Azalee is quite different from that of American nursing homes because people are more positive working at nursing homes. Azalee also has a photo of the nurse in charge of the resident in front of the resident’s door. General practitioners, dentists and beauty parlors come by to visit the residents to either take care of their dentures or hair. Daytime seniors also visit nursing homes too for daytime senior services such as meeting other seniors, drinking tea and chatting with friends and exercising too. There is also a special medical care unit for less independent residents. Also, there is an area in the nursing home to mimic a traditional Japanese home/room for residents…

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