My Friend Is Leaving America for 2 Years

I’ve known my friend Tina* for few years but we only see each other once in a blue moon. This week, I joined Tina at a Christian meeting she invited me to. She told me that she was going to leave America…

Update: 198 Followers

Sorry friends, I’ve been away! I started a new job last week. I am still getting used to my new work environment and studying the products my work place sells which explains my absence here on Medium. …

The next travel destination on my bucket list!

Photo by Zeke Tucker, Unsplash

As a young 25-year-old who loves to go camping, hiking and traveling, I have decided that my next travel destination will be Barrows, Alaska? Why Barrows, Alaska, you may ask? …

An old journal entry

Photo by Josh Gordon, Unsplash

I wake up at 6 am PST every morning. Sometimes I close my eyes for a bit to hear the birds chirp. I close my eyes for a bit to reflect on life and other things.

Currently, I am at Olympic National Park enjoying nature truly…

It was worth the wait.

Photo by Timothy Chan, Unsplash

I struggled with finding a job for the longest time. Job hunting last year during the pandemic was exceptionally difficult. But I bring good news: I finally got a job offer at a local outdoorsy retail store after applying for several other jobs via …

I noticed something about Medium. I realized that if I wanted to publish an article on a publication, I would have to be on my laptop. I don’t understand why…

The road to gaining followers is a slow one but it’s worth it.

As of August 8th, I now have 181 followers. My goal is to gain 200 followers soon…

Photo by Jelezniac Biana, Unsplash

All of my favorite Turkish podcasts can be found on Spotify.

Ranking at No. 1 is Let’s Learn Turkish with Meltem Naz Kaso Corral Sanchez. This podcast is great for beginner Turkish learners like myself. The first episode is the Turkish alphabet followed by learning about numbers and so on.

I’ve hit 177 followers (not to brag but consistency in writing leads to an audience who cares)

Photo by Brooke Cagle, Unsplash

Dear Medium Family,

The last time I wrote about my number of followers, I had 156 followers. Today, I have 177 followers. This is all because I wrote more last week than I have overall in my Medium writing journey.

When I write more, I get more people to read…

Kristen N.

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